Thursday, February 05, 2009

Eddie & Renay Part 1

I shot Eddie & Renay's engagement session this last weekend. Here are a few of my favorites. More to come.....





Madeleine said...

i love these, so fun. i've been meaning to write you back forever since you commented on my blog! i really appreciate your comment- that godliness with contentment is such a cool verse. its awesome getting feedback on my work and on my posts- i can't believe people actually read my giant posts! i actually have really been struggling with letting God rule my business, and rule me, and remind me that whatever happens in my business, good or bad, isnt my identity, i am separate from my business, but at the same time Jesus is in control of all. i do not have it 'all together' but i guess thats neat that it looks like it form the outside!! anyway, thank you again for your encouragement, best wishes to you and your relationship with Jesus :)

anna joy said...

woooooops, sorry my friend was logged into her blogger! that was actually a comment from me, anna joy, under my friends name. hah!

BOAZ Girl said...

OMG!!! They came out awesome!!! GREAT JOB Friend! Keep up the good work. My favorite is the one where Eddie is kissing her cheek and she's looking down, something you would see in a magazine!! woo woo

Stephen Grant said...

Especially love the image against the green background and the vines. Great shots and colors!

Ricki Ford said...

Way to go these are great!